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International Telephone lines

Othos has signed agreements with operators in more than 50 countries around the world to offer international telephone lines and numbers.

This is important for individuals or companies that require an international presence, allowing them to receive unlimited calls, at a local rate for the caller.

international phone lines

How does it work?

Suppose your company has clients in the United States and they call you from Costa Rica often. When you purchase a telephone number in the United States through Othos, and activate it on your VoIP phone, softphone (on your computer or cell phone), a Virtual PBX or Physical PBX (at your company) incoming calls would have no cost to your company and your customers in the United States would only pay for a local call.

Best of all, we allow roaming of your international line and number, allowing you to carry your VoIP phone or softphone when you’re travelling or moving from one country to another.

With Othos there are no longer any geographical limits and our virtual numbers are valid worldwide.

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