Othos Telecomunications

Othos is a telecommunications service provider that offers different products and services based on high-end technology


Physical PBX (On-premise)

With our Physical PBX service, medium and large companies, as well as cooperatives and government institutions, can rent a complete telephony solution, taking away the headache of having to install, configure, manage and monitor their infrastructure on premise.


  • Call waiting
  • Conference Calls
  • Call forwarding
  • A Costa Rican number or an international telephone number to receive and make phone calls
  • Your own control panel to manage your switchboard
  • A customized IVR (Answering Machine)
  • Ring groups and multiple menu options
  • Ideal for up to 500 users
  • Easy and fast mobility without the need of variations or changes of numbers
Physical PBX

$175.00 month + 13% sales tax

$150.00 installation and configuration


$5.00 month + 13% sales tax

$5.00 installation and configuration

* Othos Telecomunicaciones charges an additional 1% to 13% sales tax to comply with “The General Telecommunications Law, Article 74: Reform of the Law of Creation of the emergency system 9-1-1, in the reform of Articles 7 and 10 of Law No. 7566”

Physical PBX


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