Othos Telecomunications

Othos is a telecommunications service provider that offers different products and services based on high-end technology


Service E1

The Othos E1 Service is a corporate digital telephony service that allows a high volume of calls through 30 telephone channels of 64 Kbps each, and up to 100 telephone numbers at no additional cost. If you would like to contract more numbers, you can purchase them at an additional cost.


  • 2,000 local outgoing minutes to other operators in Costa Rica included
  • 100 consecutive phone numbers
  • 30 channels to make or receive a total of 30 simultaneous calls
  • Online Web access to manage your E1 service
  • Free calls within the Othos network
  • A single number can be programmed for all outgoing calls

$125.00 month + 14%*

$75.00 installation and configuration

* Othos Telecomunicaciones charges an additional 1% to 13% sales tax to comply with “The General Telecommunications Law, Article 74: Reform of the Law of Creation of the emergency system 9-1-1, in the reform of Articles 7 and 10 of Law No. 7566”

Physical PBX



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